This is a good idea for let all the artists to know more about each other in this site.
there are a lot of good art painting and design here, this is really difficult to choose only one here.
so finally i pick this card from PAINTED COTTAGE -- judithchengart.
i love this card because this is a watercolor paining, color soft and smooth, let the flowers become lively and sweet. even like i can smell the flowers.

and others nice painting from her store too:

01/27/2012 10:29am

Great choice! Judith is one of my favorites too! You have a beautiful blog Annie and gorgeous cards in your own GCU store.

01/28/2012 5:33am

Annie, I too think Judith's work is fabulous. Glad you highlighted this card as it is one I haven't seen before.

02/02/2012 6:48am

What a lovely gesture, always nice to get recognition from a fellow artist. THANKS A BUNCH


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